Conservation Easement at Winje's Farm Conservation Easement

March 23, 2012

Easement monitoring protocols

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Path to easement

Allison Pierce and Bryon Hadwick of the NRCS visited our WRP March 22, 2012 to implement new easement monitoring protocols. The weather cooperated as we hit the trail for the upper seeded field

Test Plot

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Test plot selected

Checking plants

At a random location a test plot is selected to check plant growth.

Birdsfoot Trefoil

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Birdsfoot TrefoilAnnual Ryegrass, perhaps, time will tell

Annual Ryegrass, perhaps. Time will tell

A close look reveals tiny Birdsfoot Trefoil and Annual Ryegrass. In time the Trefoil will establish and remain while over the years the Ryegrass will fade away. This summer we will look for evidence of planted Meadow Barley, Great Basin Wildrye, Bluebunch Wheatgrass and Idaho Fescue.

An overlook

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Looking out over the project area the past is reviewed and future of the project is considered. The Fence is found in great condition. The water course working and able to reach the far northern field which will now be reviewed for extending the water course and appropriate seed, maybe this fall.

January 12, 2012

Four Year Anniversary

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Four years ago Steve Clay announced that:
“We had a chance to sit down with Loren Ruport recently and he is interested in looking at your property.”

Now, the season after we put the native seeds in the wildlife has had the run of the fields. A well timed harvesting of the meadow left it ready for winter by the end of summer.
A combination of native plants and native weeds filled the upper field by winter and Miller creek continues to flow in the new water system, all spring, summer, fall and into winter. The deer dodge under the wildlife friendly fence, or jump without difficulty. Next we hope to get started on the proposed public access project as volunteers step forward to get the area cleaned of limbs to make way for the future trail.

May 24, 2011

Seeds Bagged For Winje WRP

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Darrel’s Tractor And Seeder Operated By Russ In Race With The Rain

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628 pounds of a mix of Meadow Barley, Great Basin Wild Rye, Blue Bunch Weatgrass, Idaho Fescue, Birdsfoot Trefoil and Annual Ryegrass

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Second Pass Over Field Gives Full Coverage

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Russ Making Second Pass Over Field After Darrel Did First

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