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January 24, 2010

Snowy Plover Survey comes to Surprise Valley

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The ball started to roll with an unexpected call from Sue Thomas of the USFWS, the team leader for a research team working their way up from Honey Lake, to the south in Lassen County, and targeting Surprise Valley to update a Snowy Plover survey.

I wrote on June 2, 2007, to Sue Thomas of the USFWS:

Dear Sue,

Nice to speak with you.
I have made up a JPEG for you which shows the approximate water level of
Upper Lake, along with a description of our property. Note the Vaugh Bench Mark in the
upper portion of section 30.

For your added information you can see our cottage and view some pictures at:
My watershed management resume is on this page:

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions

Kind regards,
Russell Winje

Sue Thomas wrote June 3, 2007:

Thank you for the information Russ,

It certainly looks like the Upper Lake has a lot of habitat available.
Looks like it has water almost clear up to the seep/spring on the eastern
side – we are frantically working on locating an ATV to help with transport
around the lake.

Your cottage looks wonderful! I will check in to my office first thing
tomorrow to see if and when we can get check written to fees for the
cottage from the 8th through the 13th. If at all possible, I would like to
work that out. As soon as I find out if it is possible I will give you a
call back (no later than noon).

Again, thank you for helping us sort out where the water is in that upper


Sue Thomas
Regional Shorebird Biologist
USFWS – Migratory Birds and Habitat Programs

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