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February 18, 2010

Easement boundary points

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With some back and forth the instructions for setting boundary post on the easement get clear enough to start.

March 20th, 2009 Bill Price wrote:

Hi Matt. I understand you folks are pointing toward Russ Winje’s place the first week of April. Russ will need 21 of those signs to put on the metal posts (these are the round posts under the old rules).

Also, please advise as to how close the posts should be to the survey pins. I am guessing about 1 foot away. I suggest we put them all on the same side, such as on the south. Do you have any advice for us on this point?

March 25th, Matt wrote:

I have requested the signs, and they will come with directions.

March 25th Bill wrote:

Hi Matt. Is there any way we can get the instructions now? We need to have all the posts set before the field inspection in early April. They are sitting in Russ’s barn awaiting the instructions. As soon as we get those, we can start building them. If we have to wait, they might not be ready in time for the inspection.

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