Conservation Easement at Winje's Farm Conservation Easement

February 15, 2010

We signed the option to purchase easement agreement. Yet another step forward.

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August 20th Matt wrote:

I have forwarded your question on to Jessica about the timing of payment, but it is my understanding that between the survey, title search, etc… that we will be looking at spring to close.

August 30th things started to move ahead quickly as the Surveyor, Bill Price, writes:

I can come out tomorrow to survey. Will you be around? I need you to show me that piece you want excluded from the NRCS survey. They took my bid, and say they are sending a contract.

November 3rd Graham wrote:

I just spoke with Jessica Groves and it sounds like your WRP application continues to move forward and could be completed within six months.

December 3rd Matt wrote:

I just got off the phone with Lori, and the document she has is just preliminary.  Once the final documentation comes in from Bill, and the NRCS office in Davis approve it, Lori’s information will be updated to match.  The preliminary boundary line with Modoc Title is not an issue.  The agreement between NRCS and Russ, states that the area east of County Rd 1, owned by Russ and Jan Winje is the accepted WRP offering minus the public access area.  This area is shown on the preliminary map (still shows the public access as part of the easement) and has been provided to Russ and Bill.  The survey will be on that area agreed to.

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