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February 12, 2010

Details of our rating come through with us at the top of the list

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July 29th, 2008 Loren wrote:

Good to hear from you. Well as you may have heard we had the partnership
meeting in davis a couple of weeks ago and you are now at the top of the
list with a very good score. I think you should expect to see Jessica at
NRCS call with a number for the easement value very soon if she has not
already. They are working on a new apprasial process that will take comp
sales of the area and use the number to offer you an easement. This is
very good for you and speeds up the process compared to the last several
years. I think the number you will be offered is in the range you
described to us last year but, lets here it from Jessica for sure. Once
the easement value is accepted by you the project planning can begin. This
will be joint between the partners NRCS, FWS, Audobon that will have time
and money towards it. All said the time this takes can vary but, one thing
is for sure Jessica must spend the money within the next couple months so
if you want to get in on what I perceive to be the easy way let her know
how committed you are when she calls and assure her that the money can be
put to good use on your ranch. She is in a time crunch and is looking for
sure thing projects and I have assured her of your commitment. If we miss
this cycle I am worried about some of the new requirement of the Farmbill
about ownership and some other items but, it will still be workable just
take longer to get done. I hope we can make this happen for you and all
the wildlife that visit your ranch. Talk to you soon.


Loren Ruport
Private Lands Manager
Klamath Basin NWRC

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