Conservation Easement at Winje's Farm Conservation Easement

February 11, 2010

Farm bill passes and the process goes back to ranking projects state wide.

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June 13th, 2008 Graham wrote:

Dear Russell — Just an FYI, but your project will be reviewed and ranked among other projects in the state at the July 2nd meeting. You can’t attend the meeting, but Audubon will be there to advocate for the project.

July 1st Graham wrote:

Russell and Jan — Your project is entering the review with a high score and I expect that it will do well. I will update you once I learn a little more. Best, Graham

July 17th Graham wrote:

Russell – Here is the report from the Audubon staffer who attended the WRP meeting in Davis on July 2nd. Good news though there is still lots of work ahead to bring the project to completion. Graham

With letter from Chris Rose:

Hey Graham,
I attended the WRP meeting on the 2nd and it was indicated by the funding list that was produced that the Winje site will be funded by the WRP. Jessica Groves, the State Wetland Biologist is very excited about the project.
Chris Rose
Senior Habitat Restorationist
Audubon California Landowner Stewardship Program

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