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November 30, 2010

What was the weather like a year ago?

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For comparison,

This is a picture for November 24th, 2009

in front of Jan’s Spaza Shop, looking over our garden site toward the place where the

pictures below where taken this year.

Early Winter

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November 24th Russell Wrote:

Hi Allison,

Hope you are heading into some fun holiday times this week. We are sure enjoying the early setting in of winter. It has limited our ability to get much further with the wetland project. I’m continuing with things I can do, such as design the gate. As soon as the weather allows I will proceed with the rest of the project as discussed this Fall.

My question I guess is; because the weather may push us into 2011 to complete the project, is that OK with you?
Stay safe on the ice
Kind regards

November 30th Allison responded:

Hi Russ,
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
Due to weather conditions, it is perfectly reasonable to push the rest of the project into next year. Please feel free to contact myself or Bo if you need any help with designs or further planning.

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